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Infowhyse GmbH is one of the world's leading providers of audience response (electronic voting) systems and solutions.

Infowhyse has been operating from Europe since 2004 and brings more than 15 years of international experience to the global audience response market.

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With over 6 MILLION pads manufactured, Reply® Wireless Group Response technology has proven to be the choice of audience response and interactive meeting professionals who require the highest levels of performance, flexibility, and reliability in their applications.

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Rental Service

Rent audience voting systems anywhere in the world. We provide everything you need.
Or, you can add to a Reply® wireless audience response system that you already own.


Infowhyse GmbH has the worldwide largest Software portfolio for audience response systems.
We are also producing and providing custom software for your needs. Contact us to get more information. Also check our free audience response Software that works with all latest models of the Reply Family www.edivote100.com


If you're interested in quickly collecting valuable data from groups, consider audience response technology. Whether your need is to immediately grade performance, or identify priorities, or accelerate decision making, or build consensus, chances are there's a Reply® system to meet your needs.

Our Software's

The one stop shop for all your audience response apps.

Edivote® 100 / EdiVote® Pro

The key to Edivote® is simplicity (it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3): EdiVote™ is a Microsoft PowerPoint® Add-In. It uses only Microsoft resources, requires no database, or session storing. Easy Reports using Microsoft EXCEL®, Compatible with Office 2007-2016 (32-Bit) , Easy Setup, Improved Ease of use, Works with all the latest Reply® Keypads.

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OwnARS™: The secure Choice

It is imperative that property Management Assemblies conduct legally impeccable elections across all types of votes and topics.

Our tailor-made electronic voting solution ensures this security, no matter how controversial the question may be.

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Involving the audience with a quiz has never been easier.
Secure Data Transfer, fast and flexilbe assembling, free definition for in and output format, Single or Multi Digit and a seperate evaluation for the audience are only a few of the features provided by the TV package.

TED4TV™ is a solution that is developed especially for TV-Shows and Game Designers which may use VENTUZ or other strong graphic software. If you develop and design output graphs for TV-Shows, Games or other solutions, TED4TV™ will provide you with the raw voting data from the audience by remote controlled XML file transfer. Integrate START, STOP and SAVE Command lines into your applications in order to calculate results of single or multi digit entries.

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